XBody’s EMS devices have performed an exponential growth in sales since their availability due to the following factors:

Proven Effectiveness of EMS Training Worldwide
EMS training is the talk of the town everywhere – people are increasingly interested in this future-oriented training method with thousands and thousands of satisfied clients. Why? The sessions are short, trendy and proven to be highly effective!

Award Winning EMS Training Devices
Since its foundation in 2010 XBody has won several awards all over the world and was awarded “Best Innovative Product” amongst other Innovation, Design and Business related achievements.

Successful Business Models & Marketing Support
Our goal is to provide solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, this is why we have developed several business concepts. Our comprehensive knowledge base and marketing guidelines help you to boost your ROI.



Studios opened with XBody have been highly successful around the world. Thanks to our high-quality, advanced EMS training devices and unmatched business support (proven business models, tested best practices, extensive know-how, and ready-to-use marketing materials) for our studio partners, you will have all the necessary tools at your hand to succeed.
Learn how you can open your own XBody EMS studio and join the 5000+ worlwide success stories around the world!



Over the years EMS training has proven its many benefits to the hundreds of thousands of clients training with XBody around the world each week. From beauty queens to professional athletes, more and more people are starting to see the benefits for themselves.

The trainings are short, fun and effective, a 90-minute traditional workout can fit into a 20-minute EMS session. No surprise that it has gotten so popular so quickly, people who want to get fit or look their best can save a lot of time and effort to reach their goals.

More than 5000 studios worldwide have been opened with XBody devices around the world and as more people are now hearing about it, the demand for high-quality EMS training is growing exponentially.



XBody completely changed the world of EMS training devices and it is leading the way ever since. Designed from the ground up to redefine what a great EMS device is, XBody’s solutions are very easy to learn, they look beautiful, deliver great results for clients, and help the studio owners to manage and grow their business.
Since XBody was founded, its critically acclaimed devices have won several awards all over the world, and it was awarded “Best Innovative Product” amongst other Innovation, Fitness, Design and Business related achievements.
XBody has been always focusing on delivering a reliable, trusted and high-quality experience for its partners and clients, that is why its manufacturing processes have gained the approvals to meet ISO 9001 quality standards and the TÜV Rheinland certification.



Ever since its foundation in 2010, XBody was always different from other manufacturers. While they saw their role solely as selling a product, we saw our role as helping our partners succeed. That is why we don’t just simply provide a training device, but also offer business know-how, marketing support and a personal relationship to each of our partners.

Over the years we have developed best practices, marketing materials, ready-to-use pictures and videos, floorplans, studio design templates, and proven business models, to help studios reach their full potential and succeed at their goals. We share all this knowledge with our partners, for free.



Building a successful EMS studio starts with choosing the right partner, who you can count on for the years to come.

XBody provides highly advanced, award-winning EMS training devices, designed to make a business of any size succeed, while giving you the ultimate freedom to choose the right business model and training method that work for you.

We don’t just sell equipment, we care about your success. Over the years we have developed an extensive amount of business know-how, best practices, ready-to-use marketing materials, pictures, videos, studio floorplans and studio design templates, which we are happy to share with you for free.

Join the XBody family and enjoy the benefits of being part of winning team!




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